About Us

About Us

Collegechum is a platform that connects high school students to college students at its core. We are about connection, ultimately, which is why being chummy is (literally) our company's middle name. We find that most of the time, high school students reach out to college students for help on their college applications, whether it's asking advice on which college fits them more, essay editing questions, financial aid advice, etc. Therefore, we are streamlining that process by directly connecting you to extremely amazing and qualified college students who have been through the entire college admissions process before and have gotten into their dream schools. However, again, at our core, we are about connection, no matter if it's college admissions related or not. So if you just want to chat with a college student about the difference between high school teachers and college professors in terms of expectations, hey, we respect that.

You may be asking, why though? What was our purpose in creating this company? Well, there are many reasons why. First, we have been through the entire process ourselves. We have suffered through the AP tests, grinded through the SATs and ACTs, and stared at a wall for four hours trying to think of a topic for our Common App personal statement. We were students who didn't find much accessible guidance or support, even though college was going to be one of the most formative years of our lives. We lived through the joys and sadnesses of college decisions. Since hindsight is truly 20/20, we wish there was someone to help us through this, or notify us of that, and just ease a bit of our very understandably anxious minds along the whole process. And so, this company is our passion project, a hope that high schoolers around the nation (or even globe? who knows!) can feel less stress from the college admissions process. Our most important goal is ensuring a great college experience for you. We know how important this is to a lot of people. 

Another reason is because of the crisis that is happening right now. COVID-19 has really caused a lot of students to struggle with finding a true college fit, since in-person visits, information sessions, and student contacts are decreasing dramatically. College fit is so crucial to a great two/four years at college. Therefore, we hope that by connecting you to a college student that has already studied four years at a college you are looking into, you can get a sense into what kind of student they are looking for, what kind of college YOU are looking for, and get a sense of the social/cultural life there. You get a true look into all of the pros and cons of a school, from a friend you can just book a call with in a few minutes.

We want to emphasize this fact though: WE ARE NOT COLLEGE COUNSELORS. We are never going to pretend, at all, that we are college counselors. College counselors are amazing at their job and they have worked hard to help students. However, we believe advice from an actual college student, who has literally JUST went through the process, has advice that is so unique that it deserves to be shared. Rather than force you to take the SAT Subject Tests or start a club just for your resume—we don't try to game the process. We take you for what you already are and what you already are passionate about, and we help you to display your true, authentic personality to the college admissions officer. We give advice and tips from firsthand experience of mistakes we made ourselves during the process. We actually enjoy just having a conversation with you. Not to get chummy, but that's what the company is all about.

So, hopefully this "About Us" page is informational enough to get a sense of what our mission is at Collegechum. We look forward to seeing you at one of our sessions!